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The Radical Notion of Putting Yourself First

Throughout most of our lives (especially if we tend to be on the feminine spectrum) we are taught to care for others, and we are expected to care for others.

Sometimes this results from a need, perhaps a death in the family, absent parents, or abusive family that pushes us to the be the main caretaker for our younger siblings, and sometimes for our adult family members.

Other times we are taught that it is nice, and polite to put others first and that we should put them first. We are taught to share no matter what, to hug or kiss family members we don't know, and to not say no when people ask us to help.

Women, especially, are taught that it is mean, selfish, or cold to put ourselves before others. That no one will be with us if we don't put ourselves first, and many are raised with the notion that time for yourself is something that only comes rarely. 

As I'm progressing through my divorce, I am learning to break away from and rebuild my codependent habits.  One of these…

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